Hydrétudes Grand Sud Pyrénées

58 bis, Chemin du Chapitre - 31 100 TOULOUSE

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The agency is composed of seven people :


River and Torrents Unit :


  • Morgane LE DILY (ENSEEIHT)
  • Vincent COMBES


Network Unit :


  • Pascal CASTERA (ENSEEIHT) - Agency Supervisor
  • Rémi UTRILLA (Polytech Montpellier)
  • Laura VINAI (ENSHMG)



Secretary - Administrative management


  • Gaëlle ROMANA (Assistance de gestion)


Topography Unit


  • Denis DUCROQ (Technician SIG - Industrial designer - Topography)



Some reference studies or project management, already completed (or in progress) by the agency :


  • The Grand Toulouse agglomeration entrusted the group Hydratec / HYDRETUDES / SCE with the project management transfer works from the Gagnac and Fenouillet water purification plants to the Toulouse (Ginestous) plant. The operation involved the implementation of two delivery pressure lines (4.5 and 7km long respectively), and two pumping stations as well as the demolition of the Gagnac and Fenouillet water purifcation plants.
    Total cost: 5.3 Million Euros


  • Development of a mapping methodology for flood zones on predetermined water levels.


HYDRETUDES was entrusted with this assignment by the DREAL (Mid Pyrenees) with the objective of authenticating a development method of the hydro-geomorphologic knowledge and history of the DREAL to produce a library of flooding scenarios in real time with coastal forecasts produced by the SPC in the forecast stations.  This innovative method, using the functions offered by SIG tools, will be tested on the banks of the Leze basin (the left bank tributary of the Ariege to the south of the Toulousaine suburbs) and will be reproduced over the whole SPC territory (Flood Forecasting Service).


  • Flood Protection Programmes for the village of Rustiques (Aude)


HYDRETUDES has just opened the Chappelle à Rustiques retention bassin under the project management of the Piémont d’Alaric District Community and with the assistance of SMMAR.  This 40,000 cubic metre « dry » basin will ensure the protection of the village against a flood of a magnitude that occurs only once every fifty years.

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