Hydrétudes Dauphiné-Provence

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The agency is composed of four people :


River and Torrents Unit :


  • Benoit CHAPON (ENSHMG)
  • Nicolas POINTELIN (Master II Hydroprotech)


Network Unit :


  • Laurence AGOSTINI (DESS « Subterranean water ») – Agency Supervisor


Topography Unit :


  • Jerome CAMACHO (Technician SIG)


Some reference studies or project management, already completed (or in progress) by the agency :


  • Contracted to  the waste water Network for the Ouvèze Vive (Ardèche) Union


We are project managers for the purifying works (network and water purification plants) for the regional members of the Ouvèze Vive Union, which is comprised of eight operations registered under contract of the river « Ouvèze » for an estimated figure of more than 1.4 million Euros.


  • Creation of flood water retention basins on the overflow basin of the Veore (Drôme)Création de casiers de rétention des eaux de crues sur le bassin versant de la Véore


HYDRETUDES has been assigned complete project management. The operation consists of the conception and production of several controlled flood plains over five distinct sites situated on the tributaries of the Veore.  The storing volume is estimated at 1,200,000 cubic meters.


  • Works protection against the flooding of the Bouterne in the crossing of the Tain l’Hermitage (Drôme)


Complete project management mission assigned to HYDRETUDES.
We are in the process of completing widening works (bridges and footbridges), strengthening river banks (using varied techniques, plant and mineral) and the restoration of existing weirs (free and linked rock fortification), with the integration of fish migration. Cost of works : more than 600,000 Euros.

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