Hydrétudes Northern Alps

Alpespace – 50 Voie Albert Einstein - 73800 FRANCIN

Tel : / Fax :

Courriel : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



The agency is composed of 5 people :


River and torrents unit :

  • Estelle PRADERIO (Polytech Montpellier)– Agency supervisor
  • Romain CHEVAUDONNA (Master Equipment, Protection, Management of Montains environment)
  • Cecile PICOUET (Doctor of University of Montpellier)


Secretary - Administrative management :

  • Sindy CATANIA (Assistante de Gestion)


Topography Unit :

  •  Cyril BRESSON (Industrial designer)


Some reference studies or project management, already completed (or in progress) by HYDRETUDES Northern Alps :


  • UTN Project situated in Grandes Combes-Saint-Bon/Courchevel (Savoie)

HYDRETUDES is the project manager for the works securing the Grandes Combes site.   These works consist of the creation of a storage site and the management of a torrent for a total figure of 1.6 million Euros.


  • Rainwater management in the District of Villard-Bonnot (Isère)

We are currently in the process of completing the creation of an open air retention basin in an urban area. The retention basin will integrate sports and leisure activities (football pitch, basketball court and playing area) whose creation was stated in our mission statement.


  • Development of the Tétrapôle à Tournon (Savoie)

We are monitoring the construction of a site for the implementation of an additional 100,000 cubic metres, which will be composed of a 35,000 square metre retention basin and a flood zone on an agricultural plain.  This development concerns the Verrens stream and its banks, which are subject to a surge from the Isere when it is flooding, the principal of retention in this project is associated with massive regulation works using « valves ».  This operation also aims to restore the Verrens stream.

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